Bonus Post: A return date and a podcast!

Hi awesome friends of the Figure 8 Voyage

Well after long conversations about logistics, weather, Fleet Week and other shenanigans we’ve landed on a return date.

Randall and Moli plan to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge sometime on Saturday October 19th 2019.

If you’d like to be there (on land or on a boat) please make sure you’ve registered with us as we’ll be sending day-of logistics through email and not on here. If you haven’t sent us your information please do so using this link.

We’ll also looking for help with a couple of things. If you’re able to help with any of the following shoot us a note to

  1. We’re looking for someone who’s a member at a Yacht Club either in Sausalito, San Francisco or Tiburon and could help us with getting us a guest slip and space to have a welcome reception.
  2. Does anyone have a drone/camera situation and interested in getting on the media boat to video the sail in and under the bridge?
  3. We’re probably going to need some other “hands on the ground” on arrival day for various needs. If you’re up for volunteering let us know.

Please note. For any of you who’ve been on a boat for a more than a weekend, you’ll know that the weather can throw a monkey wrench in all of this. We’ve put in what we think is a decent buffer and Randall is VERY eager to be home, just know that things happen.

Lastly – as a little extra. Podcaster Ben Shaw interviewed Randall while he was in Nome Alaska. Lots of Q&A about navigating through the ice of the NWP. Enjoy!

Out The Gate Podcast

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  1. The podcast was great, tell Randall my gutters are ready for him to clean when ever he can fit me in!❤️

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