Night Arrival

September 14, 2019
Nome, Alaska

Mo makes her slow way against this implacable current and night drags on. A full moon, lights ashore glimmer across the glassy water. Two tankers appear as dark hulks on the horizon; they are anchored miles out and still only in 60 foot water. Even now tugs are ferrying their cargo of fuel to the town of Nome, which draws ever so reluctantly closer. 

Midnight. Into the fairway. Alioth has already radioed an invitation to raft alongside. “We have a group here; people want to see you,” says Vincent.

I turn the corner and there, sandwiched between two dredgers, is silver Alioth and a crowd in the cockpit. There is clapping, a cheer for Mo. I nose in slowly. Hands reach out to catch the bow; other hands grab rails and lines and Mo is eased into place. 

The crew of Morgane, Mirabelle, Opal, and Alioth, all now Northwest Passage veterans, have seen Mo safely in, after which we repair to Alioth’s cabin for a toast and the the sharing of stories until 2am.

9 Comments on “Night Arrival

  1. That’s a heck of a big accomplishment, and a lot of sailing since I met you in Newfoundland in July.

  2. Wonderful – and see you have hopefully had some good deep sleeps in Nome, before heading onwards. Saw Tecla got in to Nome early this morning – it must be quite the clutter of masts and boats together!

  3. Randall, that is so Awesome that you have had a wonderful voyage and made friends along the way!!!😘

  4. Hermosas Fotos que transmiten la belleza y alegría del encuentro. Felicitaciones Randall y Mo.

  5. Huge! Absolutely huge kudos to you and Mo and the lately quiet Monte! Well done. Please, Randall, be extra careful now. This period when you smell the barn, after so much success (and privation) with the equinox in North Pacific combines to be especially dangerous. Don’t be in a hurry and let your guard down, my friend. Please keep writing

  6. I don’t want this blog to end – please keep sailing!!! Wow. I can’t believe you’ll be in SF soon. Stay warm, stay dry, stay bad@$$!

  7. Surely this group will have reunions in the years to come! What an experience to share! (Not to mention, very elite!!). Loving your journey, your journal, the comradeship, Mo, Monty, and Capitan!!!

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