In the Heart of It

Day 96

Noon Position: 47 03S  53 43E

Course/Speed: E7

Wind: NW 20 – 30

Sail: Working jib, two reefs

Bar: 996

Sea: NW to 12; N to 7

Sky: Clear, for the moment

Cabin Temp: 56

Water Temp: 43

Miles last 24-hours: 136

Longitude Miles Made Good: 131

Miles since departure: 13,057

In the Heart of It

We’re in the heart of it now, the heart of what this low has to offer. Winds are mostly middle 30s, but blowing up a gale down here is a very gusty business, so 40 and above is not an uncommon. Neither is 18. Seas are steep and confused, and they’re dealing Monte his fair share of curve balls in the form of gusts followed by lulls, or seas that knock us sideways and essentially stop the boat in her tracks, a tough business for a wind vane. I get dirty looks whenever I go on deck.

It’s evening. Have been running under storm jib now for a couple hours. Wind are on port quarter and a heading more or less east. Seas are mainly northwest with the older train coming from the north. The older train is not very substantial at this point. Am taking the larger train slightly to port; the older one unfortunately is on the beam, but it is rarely breaking.

Night is coming on.

I need to pay attention here. All for now.

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