Quick update from team F8 regarding the tracker outage.

Hi all!

For those who follow Randall on his tracker. Do not panic. He’s fine. His tracker is not. I’m sure you all noticed the stormy weather over the last 24 hours. There were, of course, shenanigans. Randall is drying out and figuring things out and we’re going to try and get the tracker back online. Until then, we’ll continue to keep posting here as we get updates.


Team F8

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  1. We look forward to Randall’s daily adventure updates and appreciate any information about him and his safely.
    Thank you team F8!
    Stephanie Conant

  2. Pretty amazing that the tracker has made it thus far. You’re in my prayers Randall. I hope we can soon receive your updates again even if there isn’t a tracker. Would be kinda fun to figure out on a map or a chart (if you happen to have a chart for the southern Ocean lying around…) “where is Randall today”

  3. Hi F8 Team,
    We welcome you in the the Crozet Islands District. We have been trying to see you from the Possession Island for the last three days as soon as we were informed by the French Cross that you were heading to Crozet from Ushuaia. The team from the Alfred Faure base was very excited and hoped we could see your sail, but the weather conditions were … well, local! We also tried reaching you by radio but obviously you were too far. Have a safe trip and a great adventure.

  4. Praying and hope your boat & other electronic systems faired fine. Does that mean the phone is out since that is where the tracking signal originate from? Shenanigans huh-sounds like a story to top all others that will keep us all on the edge of our seats.Stay safe

  5. Well if he pop’s into Perth – Port Fremantle – Western Australia, I can assist as an ol able boat builder… Albany south western corner of Australia is closer to his route, up to how he’s traveling really.

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