Not beautifully written post #2 – update post storm.

Hey Virtual Voyagers!

Quick update for everyone following.

  1. Windy TV tracking. Later today (we hope) this should be back up and running due to the awesomness of Tedde and the team at Follow My Challenge. We’re linking our secondary communication system to the Windy TV app. I don’t have an idea of the frequency of the updates yet but you’ll get one at least once a day.
  2. Randall’s updates. We have a “hack” for this too. Unfortunately, in the short term (about a month) we won’t have images he will be writing updates. They might not be as frequent but you will get them.

Next steps. Randall is heading towards Australia to pull in for this round of repairs.We’re going to wait until then to think about how this will impact the larger project and the timeline. As always, we will figure it out.

Thanks for all the notes of support!

Team F8

7 Comments on “Not beautifully written post #2 – update post storm.

  1. Is he pulling into Aussie just to repair the broadcasts? Seems like it could be sacrificing the overall mission just to keep us informed?

    • Mary – there’s a little more than just comms as the blog will attest to when we post later. That said, no final decisions on the next plan for at least a month.

  2. Glad to hear you’re safe and look forward to hearing more of the story when you can get word out.

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